CRG is a China-focused Multi-Channel Retail Services Group that can provide services to retailers from brand management & sales,
through to logistics & distribution. CRG’s operating model is to use its sales and distribution channels to partner with
retailers and brands to connect them to the right consumers in China through a multi-channel approach.

The Chinese consumer is growing rapidly. China is already the world’s largest market, and consumers are keen to access to
international brands. CRG could help brands reach consumers over 500 cities in China, with its end-to end solutions.
the Chinese market is different from West, which allows CRG to provide its services based on its expertise
in China, and eventually lead brands to build localized and cost-effective way to enter
and maintain its presence in the Chinese market.

CRG understands the whole retail process, from initial marketing campaigns to the point of selling the right product to the
right consumer through the right channels. CRG has stand-alone services from Marketing, Social Media, Sales
Channels and Platforms to its own Logistics network and the ability to provide a full end-to-end service.